Picture of founder Luisa Santos at shop

Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream Is Coming To Edgewater

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Like many other businesses, Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream was born in a college dorm. The big difference in owner Luisa Santos’ case is there was a tank of liquid nitrogen in her Georgetown University dorm that night. The Colombia-born, Miami-raised student was determined to make her own ice cream using liquid nitrogen after being captivated by seeing the technique demonstrated. By the end of the evening, she and her roommates were quite pleased with the results.


That was late 2013, and since then, Santos has been offering her frozen treats at farmers’ markets and catering gigs. However, this spring, the 24-year-old will open her first brick-and-mortar location on Biscayne Boulevard at NE 20th Street.


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colorful tents at the miami book fair

Lulu’s at the Miami Book Fair


The Miami Book Fair International is an annual literary festival event realized in Miami by Miami Dade College.

The fair brings over 300 renowned national and international authors exhibitors to a weeklong celebration of all things literary and includes pavilions for translation, comics, children, and young adults.

Lulu’s will have a booth at the fair this year at the street fair on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 10am – 6pm. The location is in the Swamp area, which is the corner of NE 3rd street and 2nd Avenue.

Spoon University: The Science Behind Lulu’s Ice Cream


A Georgetown entrepreneur taps into the ice cream market, using an innovative technique. Meet Luisa Santos: a senior at Georgetown and the founder of Lulu’s Ice Cream. Lulu’s uses local, organic and seasonal ingredients to ensure the highest quality ice cream. What truly makes Lulu’s unique is its freezing technique – its use of liquid nitrogen allows Lulu’s to make the freshest ice cream, while simultaneously creating a rich, natural flavor and smooth texture.

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Her Campus: It’s More Than Just Ice Cream, It’s a Way of Life


A trip to an ice cream store changed it all for Luisa Santos (COL ‘14). When Santos was home in Miami this past August visiting her family, her sister, a senior in high school, insisted they visit an ice cream store that made liquid nitrogen ice cream. Santos recalls enjoying the noticeably smooth texture of the ice cream as well as watching the process of making the ice cream.

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The Voice: Senior Plans to Open Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop In the Georgetown Area

Luisa Santos (COL ’14) is doing what every Georgetown student dreams of doing: ditching her political economy major and opening an ice cream shop in the Georgetown area. But this isn’t your average ice cream; it’s nitrogen ice cream. Nitrogen ice cream is basically just cream and flavors, like most other forms of the dessert, but it uses nitrogen to cool the cream into a solid. Perhaps you might have done this in a science class in high school.

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