Our Story

Ice Cream with a Nice Dream

At Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream we take great pride in our work – and by work we mean creating some of the most outstandingly rich and creamy ice cream you’ve ever tasted. We lovingly craft each ice cream from scratch, using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and finish them off with a splash of liquid nitrogen.



A re-cap of our grand opening by our good friend, Gus Gomez.

While we love thrilling tastebuds, at Lulu’s ice cream, we believe that we have more to offer than an innovative and delicious way to make ice cream. At heart, we believe nothing is more important than friends and family. Our customers are our friends, and together we’re one big family community. We want to give our customers a positive experience with each and every visit, and bring a lasting positive impact to our community. One way in which we are already helping our community is by supporting local businesses for our ingredients. Another way comes from within the Lulu’s experience; all Lulu’s employees/family will be trained in personal finance as well as social entrepreneurship. Our employees help us achieve our dreams, we want to help them pursue their own. Ultimately, we believe our Lulu’s family can make our community just that much more of a sweeter place to live.

Our Founder

Lulu’s founder, Luisa Santos, was born in Bogota, Colombia and has lived in Miami since she was 8 years old. She attended the Honors College at Miami Dade College and later Georgetown University where she graduated with a degree in political economy with a minor in education, inquiry, and justice. Luisa is a sweet-tooth foodie who strongly believes in the power of ice cream. During her senior year at Georgetown, Luisa discovered liquid nitrogen’s potential to revolutionize the ice cream experience. Merging her passions for sustainable, value-driven business and a mission to reinvent the way America thinks of ice cream, she decided to launch Lulu’s. She began by hosting an ice cream pop-up shop at various events on and off campus and later hosted a weekly stand at the Georgetown Farmer’s Market.

In November 2014, Lulu’s won The Startup Hoya Challenge Rocket Pitch, an elevator pitch competition held as part of Georgetown Entrepreneurship Day. At the Hoya Challenge Entreprelooza Luisa took home first place for a commercial track business, a People’s Choice Award and Student Entrepreneur of the Year. In May 2015 Luisa decided to bring Lulu’s back to her hometown and opened up the first shop in downtown Miami.