Florida Rentals Names Lulu’s Among Top Ice Cream Shops in Florida


Served in a cone, a cup, a bowl, on a stick, or in your bare hand – there’s no wrong way to serve ice cream. After a hot day playing on a Florida beach, you won’t really care how you get your fix, just that you do. And when you’re screaming for your ice cream, you shouldn’t have to settle for a sub-par product. That’s where we come in.

We combed through thousands of eligible ice cream shops in the state of Florida to create the definitive list of –. We chose our award-winners based on flavors, variety, innovation, location, customer reviews, and more. These stores truly are the ‘cream’ of the crop, so make it a point to stop in for a cold treat on your next visit to Florida. Yum!

LuLu’s Ice Cream | 2001 Biscayne Blvd | Miami, FL

We lovingly craft each ice cream from scratch, using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and finish them off with a splash of liquid nitrogen.